Haute Capital
Larry Mortorff
Executive Vice President
& General Counsel

B.A., Political Science, Cal State University at Fullerton, 1970.

J.D., UCLA School of Law, 1973.


Associate Attorney, Kaplan, Livingston, Goodwin, Berkowitz, and Selvin. 1973-76

Associate Attorney, Pollock, Rigrod, & Bloom
now Bloom, Hergott, Diemer, Rosenthal & Laviolette, LLP. 1976-78

Vice President, Head of Motion Picture Business Affairs
International Creative Management. 1978-81

Vice President, Keith Barish Television Productions. 1981-82

Executive Producer with the Samuel Z. Arkoff Company. 1982-83

Producer at New World Entertainment. 1984-85

Co-Founder and President of Scotti Bros. Pictures. 1985-86

Founder and President, Kushner Locke Features, Inc. 1993-96

President, Animation House. 1996-Present

President, Veracruz Entertainment. 2003-2004

Principal, Momentum Pictures 2004-Present

Principal, Framework Entertainment. 2005


State Bar of California (since 1973).
Founding Board Member, the UCLA Entertainment Law Symposium (since 1975).
Board of Advisors, Insight Foundation (since 1989), presents the annual Humanitas Awards.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, Producer’s Branch (since 1990).
Board of Directors, American Humanitarian Landmine Disposal Foundation (since 1998).
Trustee, Humanitas Prize (since 1999).
President of the LA Alumni Associates, Cal State Fullerton (Founder, 2002).
President, Member of the Board, Terra Azul Conservation Organization (Founder, 2002).
Consultant, Amnesty Media.

One of the partners in FRAMEWORK is Lawrence Mortorff. Mr. Mortorff is an experienced film producer and executive. He is an attorney, and practiced law at two of the most prestigious US Entertainment Law Firms. He left the practice to be the Head of International Business Affairs as a Vice President at ICM.

Since leaving the practice of law, Mr. Mortorff has been the founder of several film companies, and was President of Kushner Locke Films, where he oversaw the production of some twenty feature films.

Mr. Mortorff is an accomplished film producer, having made over 30 films over the past 20 years. Among these films are MARIAS LOVERS, nominated for a Cesar, ROMERO, starring Raol Julia, the JUNGLE BOOK, released by Disney, PINOCCHIO, released by New Line, and the first two Dimension US releases, HELLRAISER III and CHILDREN OF THE CORN II.

Mr. Mortorff made the breakthrough films for Renee Zelwegger, THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and Reese Witherspoon FREEWAY, and worked with Keanu Reeve in THE LAST TIME I COMMITTED SUICIDE, Martin Landau and Rob Schneider in PINOCCHIO, and Christian Slater and Claire Furlani in BASIL.

He also produced the number one Independent US Theatrical release for 1999, THE OMEGA CODE, and has produced four Christian themed films since that time.

Mr. Mortorff is currently in post production on ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING, the Story of Esther, ROLLIN WITH THE 9’s, an urban film produced in the UK, the INSATIABLE, filmed in Austin, Texas, and is in production in Israel on the film AGAINST ALL ODDS, a feature and 13 part series to be aired on TBN and PBS.


Has been involved with more than one hundred films as attorney, an executive and producer, including SILKWOOD, NORMA RAE, JUNGLE BOOK and PINOCCHIO.

Has produced 30 films.

Has produced films in India, Africa, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Has been in involved in co-productions with European origin.

Has been involved with independent distribution of 10 films in the USA.

Made the breakthrough films for Renee Zelwegger, THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and Reese Witherspoon FREEWAY, and worked with Keanu Reeve in THE LAST TIME I COMMITTED SUICIDE, Martin Landau and Rob Schneider in PINOCCHIO, and Christian Slater and Claire Furlani in BASIL.

Produced the first films to open the Miramax Division of Dimension Pictures, HELLRAISER III and CHILDREN OF THE CORN II.

Worked with Academy Award ™ winners Renee Zelwegger, Martin Landau, Keith Carradine and Louise Fletcher, and nominees Robert Mitchum and Diane Lane.

Was nominated for a Cesar in France for Best Foreign Film for MARIAS LOVERS, directed by Andre Konchalovsky, starring Natassja Kinski and Robert Mitchum.

Has been invited with films to Sundance, Cannes, Moscow, Toronto, Berlin and Havana Film Festivals.

Has been involved producing and distributing family films, Rudyard Kiplings’ JUNGLE BOOK, PINOCCHIO, ANDRE, DOG OF FLANDERS and BABY GENIUSES.

Nominated for Best Family Films for JUNGLE BOOK and PINOCCHIO.

Produced the Christian films, ROMERO, THE OMEGA CODE, CARMEN, MEGIDDO and the animated PRODIGAL SON, currently in pre-production on ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING, the Story of Esther.

Produced the most successful independent film released in 1999, THE OMEGA CODE.

Produced the Hindi blockbuster KAANTE, the first Indian film made in America.

Just finished his first animated film, THE PRODIGAL SON.

Currently working as Executive Producer on PAUL WATSON, to film in Mexico, starring Sean Penn, ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING, based on the Old Testament story of Esther, and in development on THE CHET BAKER STORY and a remake of A THOUSAND CLOWNS, among other projects.

Currently working as Executive Producer on the documentaries, MIRACLES IN THE DESERT aka AGAINST ALL ODDS and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Is a Partner in MOMENTUM RELEASING, which is to distribute FILMS OF FAITH.

Is a Partner of FRAMEWORK ENTERTAINMENT, a UK film sales and production company.


Michael Montgomery vs Universal Studios, for Mr. Montgomery, in the action for compensation for his written concept, which became the film “Smokey and the Bandit”. 1987.

Timothy Hutton vs. MGM, for Mr.Hutton, who was terminated from the film project entitled “Roadshow”, under a claim of denial of his compensation under the “pay or play” clause. 1992.

Virgin Vision vs. the Samuel Goldwyn Company, regarding the value of the loss of credit to Virgin Vision on the Goldwyn international release of “sex, lies and videotape”. 1995.

Namesake Entertainment vs. Cloud 10 Distribution Company, for Namesake, where Namesake had been denied certain credits, and to contracted for provisions for publicity and involvement in successive productions. 2001.

Intertainment vs. Franchise Pictures, for Franchise, as a Consultant, reviewing the files for an analysis of the complex transactions which resulted from an output agreement for certain films which were produced by Franchise. 2002.

Coate project

Consults for Future Films Investitions-und Beteiligungs-GmbH & Co. KG in its film selection process.

Consults for Amnesty Media, the organization working in concert with Amnesty International on making films and documentaries of substance.